*this post is going to be very different from other posts I’ve done.  Those who know me personally know I spend more time thinking hard about things that seem like nonsense. It’s in my nature to think deeply and sometimes it’s fun to use do so with things that really don’t matter*

This is a list of things I’ve compiled.  They really are quite random

1.) Have you ever thought about what you’re really saying when you say you’re “looking forward” to something.  “I’m looking into the future… the future that involves {blank}”

2.) It’s crazy how much smarter our bodies are than we are.  I would have died a looooong time ago if I wasn’t physically pre-programmed to survive.

3.) Smells- Are we designed or taught to prefer some smells over others?  Most people like the smell of vanilla or flower, etc. but why do other things (methane) automatically smell bad?

4.) Learning how to speak is already pretty cool, but have you ever actually thought about how detailed it must be to learn to move our mouths/tongues/palates a specific way to make the sounds of letters?

5.) On that note, how odd is it that our brains are taught to recognize the pattern of lines on a paper (letters/characters) make certain sounds, then those sounds make certain words, then those certain words have a specific meaning and you must string them all together to get a thought out.  That alone is amazing; add in how quickly your brain is processing you reading this.  One letter at a time, and those letters are really just lines that look a certain way. CRAZY

6.) The relationship between humans and animals.  How deep of a connection and detailed communication two living beings can have without “speaking the same language” or following the same rules of nature.

7.) How detailed sunsets and sunrises are.  Not only is it different every single day (throughout all existence), but a sunrise/sunset is different with every single inch the sun goes down or comes up.  Add in that it’s also different depending on where you.  You see it one place and someone else half a mile away looking at it sees something different.

8.) We follow so many cultural unwritten rules and expect others to follow them as well and when they don’t (even though we’re fully aware they aren’t technically wrong) we get upset.  Examples: personal space, driving etiquette, social media, being politically correct, hygiene, etc.

9.) Our memories have SO MUCH control over what we do and don’t do.  Something that happened that isn’t even ‘real’ anymore influences the most inconsequential behaviour

10.) The effect music as on us and how attached we are to it.  I personally think the people making music hold the most power over human behaviour.  I, for one, am at the front of the line when it comes to being too attached to my music.  But goodness when I really look at how much it affects my moods, my thinking pattern, the words I say, my expectations, etc it’s crazy and maybe a little scary how much they influence who I am.  One song (about sex, violence, rebellion, love, hate, politics) can affect literally BILLIONS of people on a very deep level mentally.  One voice can talk about nothing ONCE over a track, and all of a sudden we’re all repeating it whether we ‘agree’ with it or not.

Anyway, I told you this was random, but I really do love thinking about this type of stuff because, why not?  Do you have anything like that you think about and maybe only talk about with people who won’t think you’re crazy… or maybe no one at all?