Sitting against the wall with the world between my fingers

The thrill of holding it all so close to heart still lingers

Old habits say there’s no need to see this thing through

But new goals say, “That’s not what we came to do”

This conqueror has seen victory only in bowing down

I reject your offer for a mere house and seize the whole town

You thought a shady surrender would result in mine too

But darling, surrender is not what we came to do

Peace never seemed to be an option here

Your ambush in spite of a treaty made that perfectly clear

Second chances given and destroyed by you

And, baby, compromise isn’t what we came to do

When you’re down, I’m up; when you’re good, I’m great

You’re tiptoeing around it, I’m giving it to you straight

Showing you the answer while you’re still looking for a clue

My love, this is what we came to do