Reaping the harvest of my own peace of mind

Cultivated by using every piece of me I could find

All the digging I did resulted in my own open grave

All the honesty I then allowed showed I can be saved

Even at a reduced pace, I can be a mighty force

I only gain momentum as I strive to stay on course

‘Wild’ is how I’m described when they don’t understand

I don’t blame them though, I can get out of hand

But those who know see it’s all with great intention

Declined a strategy of reaction by choosing one of prevention

That means, with His okay, I start my own chain

That when disaster strikes I don’t look to blame

Chaos has this odd way of making sense

But we tend to realize it only in past tense

We can chalk it up to human nature, I guess

But human nature has a way of making its own mess

So, since I’m only allowed to my own memories

I’ve chosen to live the ones I want attributed to me