The cold shadows tend to bring warm rain

A vacation for your eyes when they begin to strain

A tranquil wind to cool off all those fiery dreams

A breeze to remove all that isn’t what it seems

Time slows your stride into what looks like slow motion

Giving you a chance to sift through all the harsh emotion

Castles washed away by the waves that meet the sand

Somehow amazed that such a fragile structure couldn’t stand

Envious of the birds casually soaring overhead

They live with no direction, just go where they feel led

Eye-level reveals a horizon you attempted to meet

But where you ended up is directly under your feet

Your life had a way of living even when you wouldn’t

Spending your time in the past or future when you shouldn’t

Trying to come to some mirage of a haven every single day

But the only destination that matters is right where you lay