Take your place at the table to see what’s been prepared to eat

Not everyone is offered the same meal so I reserved you a seat

Catering is efficient, but so impersonal so I cooked my own

All the emotions used as spices are homegrown

Start with an appetizer of that smile marinating since we first met

Then for your entrée: our deep dish conversation I’ll never forget

I had to add some disappointment just to even things out

But it’s no worry, balance is what a good meal is all about

I know you’re probably wondering what I whipped up for dessert

Red velvet cake colored by blushing cheeks every time we flirt

Use your knife to cut off the fat and BS I’ve given you

Eat around the burnt parts that pop up in what we’ve been through

Get a spoonful of the love overflow that can’t be contained

Lose the fork and use your hands to get into a soul that’s been changed