Love; dulled down  and dolled up to be just another emotion

Something you can hex on another with a magic potion

Lyrics in a song about what you feel

“Because it’s so strong this love must be real”

Real enough that you’re willing to set it free?

Or so insecure that you’d rather trap it in misery

Is the love you say you want one you’d give you life for?

One that you’d lay down in place of instead of starting war

Or are you just looking for someone to keep you company?

Is it really love you seek or relief from being lonely?

Someone to give you their everything, but will you do the same?

Will you humble yourself to fault even when you’re not to blame?

You’ll fight for their heart, but what if their wish isn’t what you want?

Is your resolve to come second something you’re willing to flaunt?

Honey, love is in no way a gentle breeze bringing you together

If it’s sincere, it’s a choice you must make to get to forever

Attraction and compatibility, you either have it or you don’t

But if you think of love alone as a thing that will guide you, it won’t

You choose whether or not you love someone else

And it has less to do with them and more with yourself

So love is not something you should be looking to find

Love is simply a choice you make up in your mind