Sitting in the middle of it all

A still target poised for a fall

Which way it came from I don’t know

Descended form above or crept from below

Basic where impulse has a free reign

What there is to gain no reason can explain

Slink below the threshold to get to the core

Seeping through windows while you guard doors

Studied combat but minimal contact is needed

Ancient techniques of your foe is deep-seeded

Senses too basic to detect an intruder like this

Something so dominant should be impossible to miss

No sirens or alarms mad its approach clear

No there’s not time to escape, much less fight off fear

One strike and you felt in on the inside

Now the lone rule of survival by which you must abide

Start swinging hoping to connect

You got too much you’ve got to protect

No cries to be heard where there is no echo

If it must win, make the victory travel slow

There’s no back up on its way to end it

If you have something to live for, defend it

Sweat and tears mix and you may be humiliated

But the act of surrender is grossly overestimated

Completely dark and secluded where you’ve chosen to retreat

But you’ve got to give everything you have then repeat

It was fattening you up and dumbing you down

Dressing you in rags convincing you it was a gown

Armor, boots, and a shield all for show

You haven’t been training and you think it doesn’t know?