Do you remember the first time we met?

Doesn’t matter really because I’ll never forget

You called me by my name though I barely knew yours

A safe place to respond because you had angels stationed at all doors

I walked to you without questioning my action

No guilt or discomfort in this supernatural attraction

Tears pounding the ground elated to be released

Spurred by a heavenly mix of anxiety and peace

So unclear of the details of what I was entering into

But ready to drop everything if it meant being with you

So happy and complete and I had no clue why

That someone wanted me, pursued me, and would never say goodbye

Though all my problems weren’t gone, the solution held my hand

No mistakes, no ulterior motives, no fault found in this ‘man’

I’m not a puzzle piece that completes the picture in his mind

Nope, I’m the discarded treasure not to be left behind

So do you remember the first time we met?

Because it’s a day I’ll never forget