The drips hit the surface so loudly

Skies a little more grey than cloudy

Window sill inviting a visual brainstorm

Thoughts begging for a break from the norm

Not a clue as to what silence even sounds like

The peak of serenity for me is no small hike

Unfamiliar with the twinkle of a celestial star

But name a celebrity and I’ll tell you exactly who they are

To be intimate with you is now a selfish act

Loyalty through inconvenience is an ancient pact

A slow dance today is only swaying side to side

Genuine emotion quickly rushed to a place for it to hide

Words barely touch my tongue on their way out

Twisted what it’s like to taste them in my mouth

Eyes dressed to attract and subsequently push away

But if they lead you to lust after me, then that’s ok

Modelesque look will make you want me

What I had to do to get it will forever haunt me

But the sunrise this morning stopped me in my tracks

Something so simple in beauty falls thru the cracks

Add on the responsibility of the things I must do

But honest bliss of being still is calling to me too

Step outside to feel the cold, like I even know what that is

When did it become so hard to smile like when we were kids?

This is all I have and still it’s so much

Desensitized to the point that I don’t even feel a touch

A grey day like this holds something for me

Not leaving empty-handed is likely the key