No clue it would hit me like this

Like a gentle tap I wasn’t allowed to miss

Your presence found me before I was aware I had guests

Your command clearly summoning to my quest

But first take a seat and tell me all you know

My thoughts are not worth voicing unless you say so

For something so amiable you command full capacity

I’d float away if you weren’t here to anchor me

Look over the landscape and see all that I don’t own

Blink a second time and see all I’ve been welcomed to roam

Forests and jungles provoking me to challenge them

Though I have no intention, I’d rather fight than abandon

The wide unruly seas intimidate my passion

But they will succumb to my will in a submissive fashion

Canyons so hungry and anxious to swallow me whole

Frigid temperatures seek to freeze me at the Poles

Sleep in the wild and you may never wake again

Sleep anywhere else you and may die at the hand of men

Avoidance of my demise will lead to a rancid being

Risk of pain and suffering line the path to the sight worth seeing

The world has seen many like my but my print has never been here

Look into my eyes and assurance of that will become clear

Shall I be engulfed when I take pursuit?

A seed in the wind waiting to land before taking root

Not planted but positioned in this way

Ready to flourish when my night turns to day