*It’s so important to understand that there are no strangers by choice.  Take the risk of looking different*

Days when I didn’t see a future so I figured there wasn’t one

That my life had been summed up by things I’d already done.

Good or bad we all come with an expiration date

If my best days are behind me then why wait?

Doesn’t matter how many friends I have or how many times I’m followed

Horrifying how little those things matter when existence is hollow

So much so that if I plead honestly no one would believe me

Plenty surround me in fun, but how many of them would grieve me

Crowd cries ‘selfish’, but I don’t see anyone giving up their time

Now which of these choices is selfish? Yours or mine?

It’ll be so ‘sad’ when you hear about me on the news

Tragedy that ‘another good one’ the community is forced to lose

But I sat next to you and you looked me in the eye

You figured it would be too weird to smile as I passed by

I don’t totally blame you because I was you sometime before

But please don’t make light of the opportunity anymore