There will come a time when my eyes close for the last time

When all I worked for, I’ll understand were never mine

When I realize all the arguments I ‘won’ were really a loss

And in obeying the fear of failing, I’ve only collected moss

I’ll comprehend my debt to the things I was too scared to do

And that I’ve fallen in with the ordinary even when I tried not to

Naive it sounds but I want to have a live worth living

Racked up a blunder or two, but picked up a lesson worth giving

It’s not that I don’t care what you think, it’s that it doesn’t matter

God won’t call on a jury in his verdict hereafter

It’s in no way defiance because I know your intentions are good

But all my misunderstandings of what’s important are finally understood

I love you so much because you care enough to say what’s on your heart

I hope you love me enough to see my being dumb is the beginning to being smart