I’ve driven this road many times, but not enough with you to my right

I’ve had many reasons for my eyes to light up, but never this bright

My best friend for so long, but time can’t measure where we’ve been

I should have known, but I never would have guessed we’d be this deep in

When I’m floating my way up to cloud 9, I always find you waiting at the top

When I’m surpassing my lowest point, you’re at the bottom bringing me to a stop

As lovely and intoxicating as romance is, it turns fatal rather quickly

The love for my friend is something that took time, but has stuck with me

You love the surface level where I let everything go

You adore the inner depths that I’m less likely to show

Thank you for being one of the best parts of who I am day-to-day

Others flow in and out, but as long as you’re around I know I’m doing ok