Do you think God could love a glob of ‘who knows what’ like me?

Do you think that there’s a purpose I’m headed towards that I can’t quite see?

Sometimes it’s hard to grasp the truth of what my mind already knows

With everyday I uncover more mysteries within myself, my desire for that assurance grows

Perfection, I can’t even see that ahead but I’ve got a spirit that won’t quit

But sometimes I wonder, considering the rest of who I am, how will God use it?

From the distinct piles of blessing to the infinite pebbles I fail to notice

These qualities and needs I try to suppress for God are what’s keeping me closest

All this time I’ve been trying to look like everyone else who believes

The more I try to store up the normal, the more weird I receive

Sometimes I lose sight of the fact that my life was given to God, not a Christian role

And that is why, at times, I feel like a circle trying to squeeze into a square hole