I completed my first (hopefully of many) collaboration today with SleepinScribble. Definitely outside of my comfort zone, but I love it


I’ve been leaving clothes on your floor for weeks now
Hoping they accumulate until you give them a permanent home
This morning you gave me jeans I hadn’t seen before
Why would I ruin what we have by letting you know?
Disregard my inexperience, it isn’t a weakness
I’ll equip myself with choreography in time
Allow me this moment to catch up with previous contenders
Give me a minute to pretend that you are mine
You’ve got so many moves in your arsenal
I know they’ve been sculpted by evenings of old
When Friday evening turns into a weekend
I’ll be yours to manipulate and control.


Why are you still laying here when we’ve clearly accomplished the goal?
You think you’re so clever pretending you don’t know how to find the door
Only an amateur and your warm touch can’t melt a cold heart
I made sure to lay…

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