Our American Dream is more of an American Expectation it seems

We’ve wrongly defined a life of success as a life of excess

You have no money means you have no status and with no status they laugh at us

Sure, we have rights others have sacrificed for, but now we’re slaves to wanting more

I can’t afford to be sentimental due to the high my payments on my life that apparently is only a rental

Breathing is all I can do for free; why do I owe someone else to live a life given to me?

I’m not really trying to rebel, I just think it’s a better deal not to buy what they sell

The pattern is clearly beneficial to someone, you can kill a human soul faster without a gun

Some have successfully stepped out and they all say that’s what life’s about

They can’t all be wrong can they?  Found meaning doing the opposite of what’s ‘okay’?

I live in a rhythm nation getting rich off of my desire to feel some kind of sensation

Maybe there’s a place for me out there, because watching my light go out is more than I can bear