Hey, ask me again; that question you did yesterday?

I’m dressed in a new outlook so I want to change what I have to say

Back then I was bundled up bracing for the cold

Now I’m down to my skivvies making stories for when I get old

Before I walked around calculating every move with my skin bare

I’ve been liberated, my flesh marked with a permanent reminder I put there

My right profile shows a woman who’s focused on a clear path ahead

Left profile reveals one who is pondering the life she’s lead

The best time to balance reality and the ideal is while I can still breath

The best thing to do when I’m terrified to step outside the lines is to leave

“Mother may I” and “Daddy, please” are sayings of my past

That mindset was taking me down the road of “Who am I?” and fast

So, yea ask me that question that you asked me yesterday

Ask me to go with you because I’m packed and we can leave today