This may sound so childish and simple, but I know from personal experience it can really change a person.

I encourage, challenge, each of you to pick at least 3 people (hopefully more) to sincerely and personally appreciate.  Literally take a few minutes out of your ‘too busy’ life to thank someone.

Don’t just say “I love you” or “you’re so awesome”.  Although you may sincerely mean those things, we’ve really overused them and they don’t mean as much.  Say something personal about who they are and what they really mean to you.

It’s very hard to go against the grain and do anything unselfish in this day and age.  Shouldn’t we acknowledge those who do?  Maybe a kind and intentional token of gratitude is all they needed to keep doing what few people do today.

We should never be so busy or so disconnected that we can’t truly love someone else.  We say we want and should be better.  Something as easy and priceless (literally) as this is the best way to get there.

If this is a hard or uncomfortable task then that points to a much deeper problem.

Can’t think of anyone?  Why are you surrounded with people you can’t appreciate?  Why can’t you see ANYTHING good to say about at least 3 people?

Too weird?  Are you that self-conscious or selfish to put yourself out there for the sake of someone else? Are you really so detached from people that you can’t say something nice without them assuming an ulterior motive?  If that’s the case are they paranoid or are you usually insincere?

Please, just for me.  Just try it.  AND PLEASE tell me about it.  I’m curious