I fell in love to your words and in love with your tune

He and I broke up to your beat after it ended too soon

I was seduced with your lyrics and heartbroken in their truth

Nostalgic when just a few words took me back to my youth

I zone out with you when I just can’t seem to get anything done

But when I play you, my boring to-do list suddenly seems fun

I can’t help but move when your song hits my ears

Your heart on display regularly reduces me to tears

Sometimes I use your work to manipulate the way I feel

Or I turn you up to break the numbness and remind me of what’s real

It’s a duet when I belt it out with you in the car just because I can

I know I’m a female, but the power you give me makes me feel like a man

I’ve made life decisions with you swaying me in the background

I’ve been forced to writhe in silence and desperation for your sound

So many voices and names have been with me through it all

Simply push play because you’re always there when I call

Truth is, you’ll never know my voice or my name

But you know me best and that matters all the same