I saw that smile you gave and I saw that insidious glimmer in the way you behave

No one would deny that your heart is pure, but what great pressure that expectation must cause you to endure

It must be hard not being able to sit down because you’re standing up for everyone else around

It’s not that you want to be unclean but it’s just that not everybody is good at being pristine

Maybe I look a little better with dirt on my face, maybe I’m cut from denim and not lace

Am I functional even if I’m not pretty?  Can I be different without being pitied?

The shell I’ve been given will suffice, but being honest and accepted is a roll of the dice

I enjoy a challenge that requires some brute, I enjoy charging back instead of running from pursuit

Being the damsel in distress was just never a talent of mine, but where I don’t fit is not my place in line

I’ll knock ’em dead in a dress any day but what if it’s not prestige I want to convey?

What if being on a pedestal gives me vertigo, I’ve never been too high to get low