Tell me who am I to be since you obviously don’t want it to be more of me

Would you like an activist to start a revolution against how it is?

I can yell louder than anyone and point out all the things you’ve done wrong.

Maybe a stuntman who will rush the scene when others are afraid to go in.

I can look just like the star and take the heat when they’re pushed too far

How about a psychic who will tell you the future even when you won’t like it.

There’s Heaven and Hell on the way and I will tell you details to the day.

Oh no, maybe it’s a sacrifice you need who’ll take the punishment for every wrong deed

Would you like a star for your fantasy; you can call me ‘Your Majesty’

Do you need a nurturer to enable your resistance to mature?

A warrior to loyally follow your command to fight even if our stance isn’t right

Let’s see if you want a muse so that when creativity doesn’t flow, I’m who you can accuse

Just tell me who you want so I can send you home, because the only role I can play is Simone