It’s becoming a little less obvious

The sensation is a little more prosperous

Something is always happening on either side

But I’m so enthralled that there’s no need for them to hide

The first exploit seemed so foreign and perverse

Now so natural and necessary… after all, we’ve rehearsed

Once jagged edges, now so smooth to the touch

Once impossible to fathom, now it doesn’t paralyze as much

Not so impressed by the wrapping, I want the contents

Who needs logic when I can lather up in this nonsense?

Not so concerned with each step following the rules

Ever less concerned with whether or not we’re labeled fools

I took a dive long ago and still haven’t reached the bottom

I watched my worries flee from me and still haven’t caught them

Don’t leave the light on for my return to what you call home

Because this is the future I should have known