Sit ashore long enough and you’ll see the clouds roll inDwell in the overflow of joy long enough and a time of sorrow will begin

Sometimes the sun is simply overruled by the rain

Sometimes a smile is simply dulled by pain

I sense the storm, but the clouds take shape only when they’ve reach the bay

Intuition provides me a warning, but I still feel full impact on that fateful day

I didn’t come equipped with an umbrella, a boat with sails

I was given the chance to use my head, but I lost when I chose tails

There are days when dry land seems to peaceful to keep me

Those are typically the times I’m sure I was made to be at sea

When the weather front rolls in, that’s my signal to roll out

I’ve always be an object of movement, of that there’s no doubt

I’m more off-balance when my feet are steady

I’m much more efficient when the risk is deadly

I will not take my armor off, even when it starts to rust

Fighting against any stranger is the only strategy I trust