The demeanor of strength is such a potent weakness

No one thinks to rally around those who don’t embody meekness

I don’t struggle with doubting whether or not I can do it

What I battle is whether or not I actually want to go through it

It’s after I shatter that someone thinks to check on my well-being

It’s after it’s visible that they really wonder what they aren’t seeing

I never once feared that I’d break before I reached the end

What terrifies me is if I can withstand the pressure of every bend

I don’t desire a cheerleader to promote me from the sidelines

Just someone who pays enough attention to see the warning signs

Honestly, a pat on the back rarely does me any good

For that, I have many volunteers who would

You can’t be afraid of my bark and have to be willing to take a bite

Because I am extremely stubborn and I will put up a fight

There is such thing as a female alpha and I always come out on top

But I want to meet my match who’ll put my dominance to a stop