I must apologize because this confession is long overdue

Somehow I’ve made this a performance for others rather than a relationship with you

I keep leaving home; looking elsewhere to have it all

I know that’s not what you want to hear, so I just ignore your calls

You’ve always been so good; standing right where you were when I walked away

Always knowing that I’m acting out of hurt despite the words I say

I’m unnecessarily dramatic with my repeat outbursts

And indescribably cruel because I can see how much this hurts

But it’s me you chose to bind yourself to

I’ve tried to free you from this commitment more times than a few

Seeing the work you put into loving me breaks my heart

Ironically, it creates the distance between us that tears you apart

So sweetly you see to it that I’m safe each and every night

And you still mean it when you say that everything will be alright

My erratic behavior has proven that I’m a mess of another kind

But in staying with me through this Hell, you really don’t seem to mind