I wanted to tell you I love you with something original

But all the good things have been said so my message will have to be subliminal

When this kind of feeling hits, it’s natural to want to tell everyone, everywhere

But let’s be honest, that’s annoying and they don’t really care

I want to take a picture of us. Right here, right now

We have to make sure there’s proof that this moment existed somehow

This dictionary and thesaurus isn’t helping me describe the discovery we’ve made

I just need something to remind me of today in case this all starts to fade

All this mushy stuff is just oozing out of my brain

So funny how being in love mirrors going insane

Just kinda wingin’ it because I don’t know how this is supposed to go

In fact, I’m only writing you this because the rules of love say so

Not really a hopeless romantic and I can’t write poetry that induce tears of joy

But this is the real me and I’m not too fond of playing coy

Want flowers, PDA, a pet name? Tell me now or I’ll surely get it wrong

The pressure to do this the way everyone says to do it is so strong

Forget it. Let’s just cut to the chase, ok?

You know, I’ve always wondered what ‘the chase’ is anyway

Ok, ok, the chase has formally been cut

The fact is I love you. No ifs, ands, or buts

There, is that charming enough for you?

Because you know me; charming is what I do.