Looking over my shoulder I see so much crammed into my short lifetime

Within each breath there was something worthy of placing on my timeline

Explosive moments that I pleaded it would never end

In those I invested more of myself than I could afford to lend

The creation of some memories held more benefits than I knew

I would have taken the time to savor the potency if I had a clue

Surely there are many milestones lying in wait ahead

But I now see the life that was once in those long dead

A trail of progressive chaos I’ve left behind

More than a few demolitions come to mind

I wish I could sit and watch a replay on what was

To let hindsight teach me that nothing happened just cuz

I can’t honestly say that any time has been lost

Mostly because I knew the price when I paid the cost

So I find some comfort looking at my life’s receipt

Hoping to skip some future swan songs and maybe place a few smiles on repeat