I used to think I had to be drowning in the wave to comprehend how I behave

That it had to be holding my hand in order for me to understand

But sometimes I learn more when observing from the shore

That I better perceive the ‘why’ when I’m saying goodbye

I shouldn’t have to be in the hole to see how much being buried can damage a soul

I shouldn’t have to be in the clouds to sense the view is better above the crowds

Is it only when I shed a tear that I truly realize that once I held you dear?

Can I still find joy from your smile although I haven’t seen it in a while?

There’s still heat from what I remember even though all that’s left are merely embers

There’s no point in trying to resuscitate; being able to look back was worth the wait

I’ll leave the past where it should stay; I think I more enjoy the memories anyway