Whether it’s a growl or a smile, I always bear my teeth

I’m always the right flavor whether I’m spicy or I’m sweet

Put a little thunder in my voice and a little lightning in my strut

Strategic and smooth is my demeanor. My story? Anything but

Cross my path and you might get an invitation to stay

Block the road and you’ll get dismissed right away

Don’t be offended, love. I don’t at all see your company as a waste

But my time is limited and there’s no room for good intentions misplaced

I’ll take one for the team when love calls for a martyr

But I pack a mean punch when passion commands I try harder

“Women are like felines.” Yeah? Well today I’m a bird

I’m in no way married to those ‘rules’ you’ve heard

Pick which door you’d like to enter and don’t knock on its kin

Abandon your agenda because you’ll have your hands full when you get in