A stranger with a welcoming smile turned out to be my best friend

Concerned more with the content and not the timing of when it would end

Shared the secrets that no one close knew to ask about

Gave him all the gory details without simultaneously looking for a way out

A lot easier to speak from the heart when they’re not holding it in their hands

A prolonged gaze is all I need to reassure me I’m safe in this foreign land

Not sure if it’s you I trust or your inability to deceive me

Not looking for a promise of fidelity or guarantee you won’t leave me

Let’s just sit and release each other from the pressure of being accepted

In our temporary forever, let’s vow to never let the other leave dejected

My eyes never shed a single tear, but my soul wept from relief

Thank you for your companionship, no matter how brief

I’m so grateful you seized the opportunity to be necessary

You freed this bag lady from all the junk she thought to carry