On the surface, I’m merely two eyes, a nose, and a mouth

Nothing that the world has never seen before

But truly I am the sum, a product of much much more

In me I carry the legacy of generations that have gone

Many loves lost and hearts mended shown in the contours of my face

The sting of captivity and the taste of freedom embedded my into curves

Forbidden love and praised victory provided the tone of my voice

Life handed over to sin and life redeemed in Christ tint my skin

The pursuit of a better life and apathy for the future detail my smile

Life lived in poverty and life filled with wealth gives depth to my eyes

Hateful stares and loving embraces are heard in my laughter

Promises broken and vows made are the lines of my fingerprints

The longing for eternity and sorrow for the present sound in my heartbeat

In me lie the stories of all that have come before me

In me I carry the ingredients of all that are to be