Living in the Information Age with little to no motivation to digest what’s on the page
I’d rather share my opinion on things I know nothing about and when confronted, cuss you out
Oh yes, this is the time to be alive, when I can abuse the rights for which others have died
I’d give it all for short-lived fame, who cares if I’m objectified as long as you know my name
Hurt that you want nothing more than what you see, but I work hard to make sure you lust for me
I aim to demolish your heart because mine has never healed, now you try to keep yours sealed
To survive I must cut the line to my heart, suffocating my dreams looks to be a good start
Why would I watch the news when it’s all bad, I’d rather be ignorant than sad
Instead I’ll listen to any idea flowing into my ear, you protest instead of giving me something better to hear
You don’t want change, you just want to fight, distract yourself from what’s inside that isn’t right
I came into this world with something I wanted to give, but you’ve shown me no better way to live
Climbing over others because we don’t care but if you actually reach the top, will anyone be there?