Every artist needs a muse

Every permanent needs a temp to use

I can’t help but notice you gliding through the pack

Not sure whether to follow or hope you’ll find your way back

With my thoughts this loud, I know you can hear me

With cravings this insatiable, I need you near me

So many words I’ve saved to describe something like you

Now I fear that they’re inadequate too

With you as the pinnacle, I know I can rise above the mundane

All this mind-numbing normality was driving me insane

I look upon you and fear what comes next while begging for more

I feel like I’m being engulfed but it’s better than what I had before

Should I be fighting for my life or is that what’s being done?

Finally someone who knows how to pull the trigger on my loaded gun

So long since I’ve been consumed and enthralled by anything

My dear, it seems you were built for my chasing

I give into the madness that’s calling and accept my fate

If only to fulfill my purpose in life to live and create