“We seem to keep coming back to this place
You’re so set on making permanent what I’ve erased
What I’ve placed under your feet you are so afraid of
But there’s nothing that can touch those I love
Running from the shadows when I want to show you the light
The leash of mediocrity holds your neck a little too tight
You ask me for instruction, for vision on which way you should go
Yet, when I lay it before you, you close your eyes to what I’m trying to show
Make the choice again to walk with me wherever I may lead
Remind yourself that I want to give and be everything you need
It’s ok when you speak my words and no one seems to understand
Trust me and make the leap without needing clarity on where you’ll land
You want loyalty; I made a covenant with you forever
You want a life that’s good, well, for you I want better
When you look in the mirror, do you still see me?
Are you as committed to this journey as you used to be?
Have my hands not held your heart through it all?
Have you left the big dreams for something so small?
Put the key in the ignition and start the engine again
Give me all that you have and see what happens
You’ve laid down long enough and forfeited too much time
Get up and live your life like you know you’re mine
Rise and remind all who see what a resurrection is
And when they ask how, you reply, “I am His”