Ever tried to control fire or tame a flame?

You don’t attempt to leash what God has created as free

There are so many out there so different yet the same as me

Woman: a word that can strike fear in a heart while comforting a soul

With the desire to bring heat into a man’s spirit, but often turning cold

Oh, so men rule the world? 

Well as we’ve all heard, you’d be nothing without a woman or a girl

Chosen to be the carriers of life and the support system for our counterparts

Eager and able to shelter and engage a willing heart

Preserve the nurturing quality we were given that the world tries to steal

Or we’ll continue to fall into the cycle of latching onto to broken men trying to heal

Fierce doesn’t begin to describe the a woman who is safe to be what she is

And relenting devotion is an understatement to what she’ll give once she becomes his

No, this is not a description of perfection

It’s simply a description of what’s scarce because it lacks protection

“Where have all the good women gone?”

Hiding behind the disguise waiting for the “good men” to catch on

You’ll attract what you are so if you can’t seem to shake the fakes

Good chance it’s because they’re attracted to the wrong turns you make

Oh honey, you think our curves were just created to entice       

Look past the physical and you’ll get something 10x as nice

We abandon our names and impair our bodies for the sake of our partners

Now sit here and tell me you’ll continue to overlook her