I’ve seen the skies greyer than this

This storm is one of Mother Nature’s tamer fits

C’mon, all you have to do is find your balance as the ship sways

Ain’t nothing steady on the seas nowadays

I can’t tell if those drops are tears or rain falling from your chin

Hey, I warned you before boarding of the mess you were getting in

Pretty soon you’ll be able to cross ‘shipwrecked’ off your bucket list

With every threat against your safety is accompanied by a valuable gift

One day you’re going to be able to say you made it back

AAAAnd you were able to get rid of all the ‘precious’ things you packed

Brace yourself because this ride is about to take you far from where you planned

You left your comfort vulnerable and your sense of security unmanned

Stranded on this island that seems to be forsaken by the world

Need someone to sing Yo-Ho-Ho wearing an eye patch, I’m your girl

There’s nothing left to salvage so there’s no choice but to start over new

If you want to survive, the clock’s ticking; you better figure out what you’re gonna do

As soon as you let go of what supposed to happen we can start to live

 How many more tears to your long-dead dream are you going to give?