Sitting on the edge of my bed and I haven’t slept for days

A soft, but undeniable touch from You and I’m sure that it’s going to be ok

I can’t seem to lift up my head, because it’s straining under the weight of who I am

Chains around my ankles give way by the reassurance from your voice that You can

My God, you just won’t let go of the mess you created

I shudder to think that you’d still draw near to such filth, but you’ve never hesitated

Teardrops that have traveled up from my soul fall on the hand you’ve taken me into

I’ve done everything in my power to navigate this vast ocean only to get more lost in you

No one can reach me in the fortress you’ve created to keep me safe

Only those you have called and restored are aware of this sacred place

In spite of me, somehow my heart has managed to continue beating

I think it’s been working without me, trying to survive until the point of our meeting

I’ve tried to hold off the enemy sure that defeat would soon become a part of my story

As soon as I fell to my knees thinking it was over, you came and fought for me

I can’t even look you in the eye because for the life you gave me, I have nothing to show

I’m trying to communicate, but only nonsense has found its way out, yet you still seem to know

You sifted through the wreckage that was my existence and you found me

Without that great rescue I’d be forced to live my life slowing dying at sea

Not only did you take me up and place me safely on land

You made clear that now it is only with you that I stand

Though I stray, my allegiance and what I have left is all for your sake

Abandon all that I’ve built in my name; you have possession of every breath I take

Sitting on the edge of my bed and I haven’t slept for days

I drown myself in worship and I hang on every word you say