I finally listened and this is what I heard:

I’ve been watching you for so long.  Calling to that place that you can feel, but can’t seem to find.  I want to tell you that only I know the way.  I freely give what you feel you have to kill for.  That desire to give all that’s good is only matched by your fear of abuse.  I know you’re scared, this is completely new.  I’m asking you to trust me with everything you’ve convinced yourself was dead long ago… but it’s not.  With one touch from me, it will be revived, you will be refreshed.  You will be exactly what I made you to be: whole, complete, satisfied… Mine.  

You want romance? Come closer.  You want freedom? Hand me the baggage.  You want love? Brace yourself for an overflow.  You want answers?  Ask me.  You want purpose?  I have it waiting for you.  Everything, big, small, here, now, then, there.