An epic tale about the person across the room

An epiphany that your whole universe will host new life soon

The saga you’ve authored but have never written yourself into

Now sensing you’re playing the role you’ve only been witness to

All the traits you thought the others were born to own

Not anymore because you express them like an expert all alone

How did you get dropped into this myth so many others chase?

You walked right into it; you’re just another classic case

Now you’re so high about the ground it feels like you’re buried six feet under

Not due to death, but because you’ve given into a lifetime of blissful slumber

What do you need to alter to add a twist to this age-old story?

Now that you’re in so deep, is being different even a worry?

I can’t imagine what it must be like to be you, from this view things couldn’t be clearer

Everything seems so backwards trying to orient myself to what’s happening in the mirror