There are days you wake up ready to tear through opposition

When you’re ready and willing to fight for your position

But you can’t avoid those times you ask God to keep trouble at bay

When you know it’s going to take a miracle to make it through the day

Times when no barrier can keep you safe because you’re at war with yourself

When the peace treaty of your soul is violated and instead of a war cry, you let out a cry for help 

You never want to give up the blessing of life, blood rushing through your veins

But the trade is: as long as it’s pumping, insecurity will try to take reign

Some battles you lose, if you’re lucky, most you will win

You may get a recoup time, but the war never ends

You hang on to all the victories you’ve got under your belt

Don’t throw them into the sea of all the pain and hurt you’ve felt

Yes, the fight continues, but so do you

Look back and see all the things you’ve made it through