I’m trying to reel it in… keep it in check

I can feel myself floating, fighting to keep at least one foot on the ground

I’ve become a master drifter. Familiar with the realm that’s always seemed out of my reach

Now I can’t quite find my way out because it’s found its way in

It’s like a really good dream, but you don’t want to give permission to a nightmare

But I begged for it, I fell for it, and now I enjoy it

Oh that serenade, I don’t know whether I’m being cleansed or drowning

All this time trying to find a way to get in the water, never learning to swim

I’d be lying if I didn’t say I wanted to play this game

I dare you to call my bluff because I’m all in so you could win big

Look into my eyes and tell me you want me to go home empty-handed

There’s so much more at stake, but who am I kidding?

Overwhelming, huh? You came in like a thief, but treated like a guest

So here we are.  I’m waiting to see if you’re going to make this worth it

Be a rockstar and steal the show. You wouldn’t deprive me of an encore would you?