There comes a time in every person’s life when you gotta usher in some chaos

Where people know you’ve been there by the wreckage you’ve left behind

Throw a wrench or two in “how it’s supposed to be” 

Forget the beaten path and just machete that sucker

Seek safety in your little part of the jungle and you lose touch with the animal we’ve suppressed

Just this one time, step into everything that you’re unsure of

Yes, you’re domesticated, but you don’t have to be a house pet

You strut into the wild or it will break down your door

If that doesn’t excite you then I advise a summoning of what you’ve leashed

If you kill it, you’ll spend your life mourning the remains of your rotting passion

Light the jungle on fire and step out of that cage that you call contentment

Sharpen your claws and go stalk some prey.  You’re a meat eater, but they don’t serve it on a plate here

Fight for your territory or you’ll always be seeking whatever’s left

No, you don’t have to terrorize the neighborhood

Although, I do recommend a little unnecessary havoc every once in a while

You’ve kept a muzzle on for too long.  Take it off and let’s see if you still got it

You should always be more afraid of yourself than anyone or anything else

Break the mold of what you think you are. Test your limits and know what you’re capable of

What’s sadder than a lion at a zoo? You were never meant to be for show

Grab a fistful of the awareness that you’re more powerful than what any exhibit can hold

Get that Mufasa going and let out a roar that will make the ground shake 

It’s time to reclaim what you’ve given away… you don’t have to forfeit the intensity for the focus