You need to relax; so uptight trying to hold it together

Slink back to that place that requires you to remove your muzzle

Answer those who aren’t off-put by the raw thoughts in your mind

Sometimes you have to head back into the wilderness to let your creature roam

No need to bring humanity face-to-face with your insanity

Let off some steam because your cover is about to blow

Everyone has that crack in the dam that leaks all your secrets

You know, the one that’s manageable as long as you relieve the pressure on schedule

Things are as they should be so now’s not the time to hit the snooze on your alarm

“Honey, your beast is starting to show… maybe it’s time for a walk”

Your suppression is wrecking your productivity

We’ll turn and close our eyes while you attend to the devil on your shoulder

Just remember not to get lost; you have to find your way back