A slow dance, an intentional touch, a prolonged look 

Repeat that last line and sing to me again my favorite hook

Something needs to swallow me whole 

I’ve been working so hard.  Please stop me cold

Take what I’ve clenched in these fist for some time

Only for safekeeping. It was never meant to be mine

Let’s forget all the ways we were told it was supposed to be

Create something of our own even though the failing rules are free

So many almosts nearly distracted me from the sure thing 

Less excited about what I’m gaining and more about what I can bring

So sit down and just listen to how beautiful silence can be when given its place

Distract each other from the loneliness that’s still there, but with us, that’s not the case

The completeness in me is only multiplied in our existence

And with embracing and exposing who we are, there’s little-to-no resistance 

Never once did I perceive the power in our peace

And never again will I separate our beauty in being a beast