How terrified I’ve been to end up here

Walking down this road, I was aware I’d have to cross this chasm

I’ve built and burnt many bridges but this is beyond my efforts

I look across and know the other side can be reached with a leap of faith

Yet I’m not convinced I won’t hit the bottom

Would I rather stand here and accepting this stopping place?

Set up camp and convince myself the other side isn’t worth it

My soul is as shaky as they come;  I thought I was the strong one

I sit here contemplating the risk of having reason to never trust you again

Stepping out on a cloud afraid to fall down like rain

I hear your movement behind me hoping I can act before the inevitable push

My world is quaking beneath my feet; a shift in pattern is undeniably emerging 

“You can’t stay here,” my time is gone, but my fear is not

The growing vines of suppressed disappointment keep me close

But your voice pulls me closer still, “Just jump”