Ever just sit and watch someone; maybe even stare?

Not intending to get caught, but realizing you don’t even care

I’m fascinated at the awareness that there are more interesting things outside of me

Put in my place, reminded of how self-centered I can be

So I look across the room and get lost attempting to fully experience their presence

Making sure that even if it’s only a stranger, someone has taken time to appreciate their essence

I wonder what thought have taken over their mind and occupied their head

Is she truly living or have they drifted more towards being the living dead?

Who is he missing and what did she hope would happen today?

Is he satisfied with the direction of his life and how did it get that way?

What beautiful things are behind those eyes that no one’s ever met

Asking myself to seek what they wish to give rather than what I can get

Can they feel me silently burrowing my way through the barricade established?

Although I probably can’t grant it, I wish he’d tell me his one wish

I said I’d take myself out of the equation, but if I turn around, what will I see?

Will I or have I ever been so lucky to have someone discreetly getting to know me?