Today a stranger, whom I refuse to let stay as such, reminded me of what I left behind

I was convinced I was better off being ‘normal’, blending in

Thinking it was less lonely when really it’s just not talked about

Adulterous to the calling I entered into covenant with so long ago

I replaced it with a temporary fix, numbing myself to my therapeutic communication

“Make them rhyme and string them together to make the words sound deep”

Easy enough to water down a God-given talent to a man-appointed hobby

Untruthful and empty to the forever hungry soul

He reminded me of the eternal beauty and power of words when given life

And of the pointlessness of words thrown together to meet a personal deadline

We call it art, when it’s just a way to take focus away from needs to zone in on what I have

The face in the mirror used to keep me honest, but I’ve ignored her one time too many

And now a sent stranger speaks into me intention and intensity

An exhale of relief that someone still sees there’s something left worthwhile in me