I just need a little more time to deal with the fact that you’re no longer here

Otherwise I’m not sure my “I’m okay”s will every work their way up to sincere

The loss of anyone or anything is painful, whether from the family tree or the pet store

It’s simply overwhelming that what once was is nevermore

At first I was so angry with every single thing because my world was spinning round 

But I’ve abandoned the fetal position in exchange for both feet on the ground

I literally called  for you yesterday just out of habit, but of course you never came

It truly breaks my heart that there’s now only a memory attached to your name

Mourning is a process that I wish I could speed through

But with all the things that have happened, it would be disrespectful to you

At one point I was willing to give it all up because I didn’t know if I could handle this weight

Now I understand that this is just another reason for me to get off the bench and participate

I lost something amazing that will be reimbursed with something greater

As tempting as it is to just stop and let life have its way, I guess I’ll just give up later