Tell me what I do for you

I wanna know it too

Look at me, at us and where we are

Doesn’t feel like it but we’ve gone pretty far

Am I a companion or a resource

If I ran out of things to give, would you change course?

Do you love who I am or do you just appreciate what I possess

Do you stick around because I’m one step above useless

What comes to your mind when you hear my name?

And would it be insulting if I thought of you the same?

I just want to know where I stand

I hope I’m more than just a helping hand

I love that I represent safety and that you can depend on me

But where do I find refuge when I can’t seem to break free?

I’m happy to give you shade when it’s too bright and too hot

Can you water my roots and keep me alive when it’s not?

I try to be strong because no one else wants the responsibility

I didn’t know that meant forfeiting my sanity

All I want from you is permission to relax in your midst

Or is it a goodbye to vulnerability I’ve kissed?