When the advocate becomes the victim

When the poster child shows all the warning signs

Sometimes it becomes too much and auto-pilot appeals to the afflicted

Shut down seems to be the only option left for a reboot

Running the fumes of the strength you gave away

Pop the top to be refilled only to find what you had has evaporated

The mighty haven’t fallen, they’ve just looked up

When your elected to be savior with no option of decline

Ready to follow me into battle without realizing I’m fleeing, not charging

Put on a brave face as I try to figure out whether I lead you to victory or captivity

If you weren’t so blind you’d see the dread in my eyes

What else am I supposed to do? 

I’m going down in flames and you refuse to let me go alone

My cries for help and warnings only draw you in 

Don’t get caught up in the one, two-step of this slow dance

Do I look steady to you?  Look closer, frozen in fear